Chutney Chutney Chutney …’Bitey’… well some of them!
Golden Cap ( curried apple)

 This chutney goes well with  pork chop, roast chicken breast – cold meats, a strong cheddar and on poppadums as a dip with a curry.  So versatile is this  chutney that it goes equally well with meats (roast chicken breast/pork chop), hot or cold and compliments all cheeses.Dip your poppadums in when eating a curry, take it with you on a picnic or spread on your everyday sandwich..its a tasty sweet, Indian spiced flavour chutney. Quite addictive , as it sneaks up on your taste buds and requests another spoonful please….

Old Dowerhouse

A rich, fruity, plum chutney with a kick, oh yes , tastes real sweet and blends nice with that vintage cheddar then wait a bit and wow! it explodes on your a good way. This was the first chutney I made and has a bit of a following amongst my fellow Alwestonians..hence more kick…it was asked for!

Apple, Date & Ale chutney                                                           
Beetroot & Apple chutney
Carrot Chutney
Pear & Walnut
Spicy apple Chutney
Pickled cucumbers
Pineapple Relish
Savoury jelly Sweet chilli, Seasonal : Crab apple, lemon & Thyme,  Gooseberry & mint, Redcurrant & Port
Peach chutney
Tomato Chutney
Cranberry chutney
All of the above are made to order or are seasonal. 
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