My name is Susan Young and I am the creator of the Alweston Jam and Chutney Empire.

I specialise in putting together the finest of ingredients with the ambition of providing the best range of jams, marmalades, curds and chutneys in the southwest.

I have always loved cooking and have progressed from supplying take away sandwiches and lunches in the heat of Greece to bringing my delicious preserve recipes to your west country tables.

Its been a few years since ‘Breadwinners’ served the best coronation chicken sandwich in Corfu Town and my pies and cheesecake were eaten in the bars and cafes out in resort… Ahh those were the days, that squeaky moped! The spirit lives on and my recipe for ‘Cucumber & Cherry Chutney’ travelled back with me and still adorns the nicest ham sandwiches I make here at home in Dorset.